Headache Fighter IV

Headache Fighter



A mixture of Magnesium, Toradol (anti-inflammatory for pain) and Zofran (for nausea and vomiting). Infusion without Toradol or Zofran is $120 or choose one for $130.

Please note if this is the worst headache of your life, we recommend going to the ER.

Headache Fighter


Migraine relief IV Treatment

Many people frequently suffer from headaches or migraines and wonder how to get rid of them quickly. There can be many causes for migraines or headaches such as dehydration, tight shoulder or neck muscles, high blood pressure, emotional or physical stress, and specific reactions to chemicals, medications, additives, and foods that activate the inflammatory response within the blood vessels.

If your oral prescription(s) haven’t been working, then you must be questioning other headache treatments, right? For example, can infusions for migraines assist you? 


Migraine infusion


It’s a treatment to cure neurological effects caused by a range of symptoms, basically a pulsating and throbbing pain in your head. IV therapy can offer relief for migraines in different ways. First, they deliver vitamins, electrolytes, and hydration administered directly to your bloodstream, giving a faster and more efficient relief than taking oral medications.

Additionally, migraine infusion suppresses the overactive nerve endings and targets each symptom such as nausea, pain, and inflammation — at once. This treatment can be done in less than one hour. Furthermore, IV infusions promote relaxation, boost your mood, and increase your body energy levels.


Causes of Headaches and Migraines 


Headaches and migraines are triggered by:

  • Environmental factors: Some people are sensitive to noises, smells, and light. Too much exposure to sensory elements is well-known to cause migraine symptoms.
  • Emotional factors: Are you struggling with shock, depression, or stress? Then you are likely vulnerable to headaches.
  • Medications: certain medications such as sleeping medicines and replacement therapy are connected to migraines. 
  • Physical factors: bad posture, physical tension, overexertion, and improper sleep are the primary culprits of migraine.
  • Other Causes: Caffeine and Alcohol can cause a migraine. Also, citrus-based fruits, cheese, and chocolate are linked to migraines. Furthermore, dehydration is one cause for migraines that people often do not think about. 


Ingredients in the Migraine and Headache Infusion


Certified pharmacists design the migraine infusions package with migraines and headaches in mind. It includes: 

  • Vomiting and anti-nausea medicine: If your headache is making you feel nauseous, then this ingredient can assist in providing migraine relief.
  • Magnesium: This ingredient is vital for everyone suffering from light or sound-triggered migraine and aura.
  • IV fluids: Essential in making you remain hydrated and begin reducing migraine symptoms.
  • Headache, pain, and anti-inflammatory medicine play a vital role in relieving the pounding migraine disturbing you.

The Bottom Line 

Did you know that migraine headaches can be overwhelming, preventing you from going to school, work, and doing other daily activities? Fortunately, with an IV infusion for that migraine, you’ll quickly feel relief and get your day back!

The good news is Quench IV Spa offers same day appointments or treatments can be done in the comfort of your home.