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Elizabeth Hinzman

Meet Elizabeth! 


As the founder and director of Quench IV Spa, I bring my expertise as a certified Family Nurse Practitioner to create a unique and beneficial experience for our clients. With extensive experience in both Iowa and Nebraska’s healthcare systems, including hospitals and clinics, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges patients face.

My time in the Emergency Department opened my eyes to the long wait times for basic treatments like IV fluids, often accompanied by hefty costs. This insight inspired me to create Quench IV Spa – a place where you can receive vital IV nutrients quickly, affordably, and in a relaxing environment.

At Quench IV Spa, we’re committed to educating our clients about the incredible benefits of IV therapy. Our goal is simple: help you feel better, faster. We offer a range of customized treatments to meet individual needs, all delivered in a soothing, spa-like setting.

Experience the Quench difference for yourself. Visit us today and discover how our expertise and care can enhance your well-being.

The Quench Process

It’s easy to get started with us!


Whether you are looking into our weight loss solutions, vitamin injections, botox services, or IV therapy, in this meeting, we will figure out the right solutions for you.


Once we've met and discussed a plan and I've answered any and all questions you have, it's time to book an appointment with our easy scheduling system.


To understand what your body needs we need to better understand you. Here you will fill out a short document of health history.


In a calm, relaxing, and hygienic environment, you will receive your services and schedule any needed to follow-up appointments as well as discuss any aftercare needed.

IV hydration infusions generally take between 30-45 minutes. The more dehydrated you are generally the faster fluids will get infused.​

We except both walk-ins and appointments on scheduled days. If you would like an appointment outside of these times please contact us.

Come relax with us!

Infusions can be given once a week and generally last for 1-3 weeks. We recommend at least 2 IV infusions a month as a good maintenance amount.​

In NE you have to be 19 years old to not need consent for treatment and 18 years old for IA. We will infuse individuals as teenagers if parents give consent and they are willing to get the infusion. This is ultimately up to the provider though.

Our facility follows current treatment guidelines. We screen everyone prior to starting treatment. We do not recommend treatment for individuals with conditions such as chronic renal failure or heart failure. We use caution with anyone that is pregnant. This is why it is extremely important that each patient list their full medical history prior to treatment. Our experienced nurses or practitioners continue to monitor you while completing your treatment. If you have further questions please contact us!

What our clients say about us

Michael Bentley

First time at an IV spa and it was a great experience! I got the Meyer’s cocktail and the service was exceptional. I felt great afterwards and got such an energy rush. My three nieces and two nephews were no match for the boost in energy!


I tried the Meyer's Cocktail today and I feel great! Very clean, comfortable place to get much needed vitamins and hydration. 😊

Jamie Warga

Feel great after I got my drip. Can't wait to go back to do another one! Going to do the immune IV before winter to try to keep healthy.

jodi shely
Jodi Shely

Much needed. Highly recommend !!